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Finanse Bardzo Osobiste

FBO baner

Finanse Bardzo Osobiste is an application for running a home budget. It is based on a financial management plan in 10 steps, written by Marcin Iwuć, author of the Finanse Bardzo Osobiste blog.
The app was made for the purpose of Internet Technologies class final project on my University.

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Add new accounts

Add and delete accounts.
Accounts are the places where we keep our money. Cash, bank account, investment funds.
Any transactions made in the budget are coupled with one of these accounts.


Every transactions must be coupled with an existing account. Then you have to choose spending category for the transaction.


The user look at the amount in the "To allocate" field and determines how much he or she wants to allocate for the category. Budget categories can be freely modified by adding new groups or categories or deleting old ones.


The app is responsive. It adjust fluently to the device screen size.